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Two and a Half Men Prostitutes and Gelato (HD, TV-14) Alan and Charlie confront their "daddy issues" when their mom's new boyfriend Teddy flies them to Las Vegas on his own personal jet.
Two and a Half Men Enjoy Those Garlic Balls (HD, TV-PG) Alan reconsiders his position on Judith's new relationship with Jake's pediatrician after Charlie points out it could eventually lead to a financial windfall.
The Big Bang Theory The Beta Test Initiation (HD, TV-PG) Leonard and Penny experiment with dating and their new relationship; Raj develops a rather peculiar relationship with his phone's virtual assistant.
The Big Bang Theory The Boyfriend Complexity (HD, TV-14) Penny manages to blindside Leonard into a lie when her dad comes to visit her; Howard, Raj and Bernadette pull an all-nighter at a telescope.
Extra (HD, New, TV-PG) Grammy award winning musician Pink is interviewed, revealing the truth behind her tough girl persona, and she shares a closely kept secret.
Family Guy From Method to Madness (TV-14) When Brian shows interest in theatre, Lois convinces him to try out for School of Performing Arts, but during the audition, Brian is dismissed by the judges.
« Cursed (TV-14, PG-13, **) After being attacked by a werewolf, a brother and sister are forced to find and destroy the monster before their fates are tragically irreversible.
Wes Craven Presents Dracula III: The Legacy (TV-14, R, **+) A young vampire hunter, with help from his accomplice, travels to the remote reaches of war-torn Romania to rescue his fiance from the hands of Dracula.
The Addams Family Portrait of Gomez (TV-G) A local magazine informs the family they will be taking pictures for a story and Gomez believes they are coming to take pictures of him for a story.
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