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Two and a Half Men That Special Tug (HD, TV-14) Alan gravely overreacts to Jake attending a slumber party, prompting Charlie to see a shrink in order to better understand Alan's undue insecurities.
Two and a Half Men Grandma's Pie (HD, TV-14) Walden must break the news to Zoey that he plans on going into business with his ex-wife; Alan and Lyndsey come to terms with their moms' new relationship.
The Big Bang Theory The Convention Conundrum (HD, TV-PG) After failing to obtain Comic-Con tickets, Sheldon decides to throw his very own convention; the girls attempt to see if they can act like adults.
The Big Bang Theory The Launch Acceleration (HD, TV-PG) Howard must face his fears when NASA decides to move up the scheduling of his mission, which could put the wedding plans in jeopardy.
Modern Family Summer Lovin' (HD, TV-PG) Haley tries to stop Andy from proposing to Beth and forces herself and Andy to come to terms with their real emotions; Cam tries to get Mitch to return to work.
Modern Family The Day Alex Left for College (HD, TV-PG) Phil and Claire are hurt when Alex tells them the wrong college move-in date; Luke would rather hang out with his friends than stay with Phil at his open house.

Frasier The Life of the Party (TV-PG) Frasier and Niles are tired of the singles scene so they decide to host a singles party, but their plans run into trouble when Roz goes into labor.
Frasier Party, Party (TV-PG) Frasier is being stretched in different directions as he is supposed to attend a surprise party, a Safari Club meeting, and have a date all in one evening.
Charlie's Angels To Kill an Angel (TV-PG) The Angels must find a little boy who witnessed a heinous crime on a joyful outing to an amusement park before the dangerous criminals get to him.
The A-Team Uncle Buckle-Up (TV-PG) Hannibal auditions for a role in a childrens television show to investigate a heroin smuggling ring as narcotics are being hidden in the hosts toys.
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